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Martha. Marcy. Mae. Marlene.

Martha. Marcy. Mae. Marlene.

Just spotted this new web comic over on The Film Experience blog. Nathaniel R, the site’s keeper, is an oscars and actresses afficianado and one of my favourite film bloggers. And it seems he can also draw, as his new web comic series proves… Actressland: “Martha Marcy May Marlene”.

This one made me laugh though, took me a while to work it all out though… “answers” are below – highlight to reveal!

– Martha from Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolfe, played by Liz Taylor
– Marcie from Peanuts, mortal enemy of Charlie Brown
– Mae West – “Marriage is a fine institution, but I’m not ready for an institution.”
– Marlene Dietrich – AFI’s ninth greatest female screen star of all time. Apparently.

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