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Jameson Cult Film Club to tackle Jaws as JDIFF 2014 special event


As part of the JDIFF launch on Monday it was revealed that there will be a very special Cult Film Screening taking place during the festival. On Tuesday the 18th of February there will be a showing of the Spielberg classic Jaws and the added icing on the cake is that Richard Dreyfuss will take place in a post screening Q&A with Rick O’Shea.

Jaws was one of Steven Spielberg’s earliest films and yet remains one of his best – if not the most popular. Starring Roy Scheider, Robert Shaw alongside Dreyfuss, it is a classic tale of man versus nature and how we must confront the fear within ourselves as well as what life has in store. Trundling along at breakneck speed, the 2hr running time flies by in a heart beat and manages to have some of the most iconic scenes in movie history.

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Dreyfuss will also be in town to pick up the Volta award for his outstanding acting career and will be present at the screening of Cas and Dylan directed by Jason Priestly, yes that Jason Priestly.

There are no tickets on sale for the screening with it only being open to Jameson Cult Film members. So what are you waiting for sign up already at!

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