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Bob Dylan tips his hat to Scorsese. [video]

Martin Scorcese was the recipient of the Broadcast Film Critics Association’s “Music+Film Award” at the Critics Choice Movie Awards on VH1 last night.

This slightly bizarre award was first given to Quintin Tarantino last year and “honors a single filmmaker who has touched audiences through cinematic storytelling, and has heightened the impact of films through the brilliant use of source and original music.”

Fair enough so.

Scorsese’s work on The Last Waltz, No Direction Home and George Harrison: Living in the Material World would have been sufficient for me, but throw in his on-the-money soundtrack choices in Goodfellas, The Departed, The King of Comedy and Mean Streets and you’ve got a worthy recipient.

Last night’s show featured tribute speeches from the likes of Scorsese’s “current De Niro” Leonardo di Caprio. Following a nice montage, George Harrison’s wife Olivia came out and introduced Bob Dylan.

70-year-old Bob Dylan paid tribute to 69-year-old Martin Scorsese with a wonderfully dirgy version of "Blind Willie McTell" on VH1's Critics Choice Awards. The song was used in Scorsese's 2003 PBS documentary series "The Blues."

Marty and Bobby first crossed paths in the late 1970s during filming of The Band’s final show which would later become The Last Waltz. Scorsese also put together the brilliant 2005 documentary about Bob Dylan’s early life, No Direction Home.

Last night’s performance featured Dylan’s infamous “directorial requests” of not having any close-ups and killing the stage lights the second the song ends. The band’s setup of forming a semi-circle around the man himself is pretty unique and reminiscent of a staid radio performance from the 1930s. His voice is in decent enough condition and he even throws a few trademark shapes up on stage.

Seeing Hollywood’s elite reacting to Bob is funny too. Spielberg smiles and claps (1.13), Charlize Theron looks bored (1.44), you can never really tell if George Clooney loves or hates something (2.50) and Evan Rachel Wood is REALLY excited (4.34).

But you can see how much it means to the man of the moment (not that getting an award from MTV/VH1 wouldn’t mean the world to him anyway….) and he’s one of the first to lead the standing ovation at the end.

VH1’s website seems to be in a terminal geo-blocking loop preventing me watching an official stream of the performance, but this youtube rip should stay online for a while.



If not for Olivia, Michael wouldn’t have had a clue about “treacherous young witches”. But here she handed out the flowers via Bob. And the smell of the roses remains.

I love the face Marty pulls just before he starts playing, classic.


Dylan tipped his hat by not wearing one. I feel he should have worn one, with shades too, in case anyone recognized him. It’s so hard being famous – having to put up with people watching you perform. Terrible burden.

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