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Christian Bale is a Time Traveller. Travelled back to 1989 for Batman premiere.

The Huffington Post (or Huffpo as all the kids on the street call it) had a story yesterday showing pictures of the premiere for the 1989 Batman film which took place a quarter-century ago. Among all the shots of River Phoenix in a t-shirt, Kim Basinger’s bra and Tim Burton’s “guest” (don’t tell Helena) they fail to notice that Christian Bale is a time traveler and pretending to be James Brolin!

james brolin 1989, christian bale, batman premiere

You should hum the Inception music over this next bit. So Bale obviously found some real time traveling secrets while researching for The Prestige – Tesla probably invented the machine. So with his mechanical knowledge form having starred in The Machinist in 2004 he was able to build it and go back to the premiere in 1989 because he wanted to talk to Micheal Keaton about nipple chaffing in the Batman suit. He knew he kinda looked like James Brolin and with some make up from The Prestige he figured people wouldn’t notice. Also is it a coincidence that he then went onto act in Terminator Salvation in 2009? I think not.


morning coffee dripping from nose – mind…blown!

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