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TAKE TWO: Point Break remake trailer & New Fassbender Macbeth clips

1) The Lady in the Van – Behind the Scenes

lady in the van

The trailer for this new film from Nicholas Hytner and written by Alan Bennett dropped a few months back, but now comes a fresh look behind the scenes feature telling how this true story came about and I must say it does seem rather interesting. Have a look for yourself and you can catch the film in cinemas come November.

[youtuber id=”rwMlfwGIY1E”]


2) American Ultra Red Band Trailer NSFW

american ultra

People really do seem to Love or Hate (hmm that’d be a good name for a T.V. show) Jesse Eisenberg at the moment which makes perfect sense for casting him as Lex Luthor in the Batman vs Superman movie coming out next year. This year we will have to put up with Jesse returning to his slacker roots in American Ultra which basically looks like The Guest but not as good and fun, or The Manchurian Candidate but not as intense. See for yourself come August.

[youtuber id=”2IzC7fqws3g”]


3) Point Break remake gets a trailer


This looks like it should be sponsored by Red Bull and is just one long advertisement for adventure sports. Yawn. Will certainly have none of the fun of the original. Who is this even being remade for?

[youtuber id=”ncvFAm4kYCo”]


4) Two Macbeth Clips


Macbeth closed the competition at Cannes this year and will get a general release in October. It’s directed by Justin Kurzel whose only other feature was Snowtown, yes the insanely gory and tough to watch Aussie film about a serial killer. So it would be certain that Macbeth won’t be one for all the family. Here are two clips from the film to whet your appetite.

[youtuber id=”puV69CWPfP8″]

[youtuber id=”zM7ErUl_FXs”]


5) Jaws back in theatres in the USA for 40th Anniversary


Variety has news that over 500 movie theatres in the states will show JAWS on the 21st of June in honour of it’s 40th Anniversary. No news yet if this is will happen here but hopefully so as it’s always nice to see a classic on the big screen the way it was intended.


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