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TAKE TWO: Fassbender as Steve Jobs, Ghostbuster suits and The Wicker Man 3 is incoming…

1) Steve Jobs Trailer Online


This will be hitting our screens come November 13th and with Danny Boyle behind the camera, Michael Fassbender in front of it and Aaron Sorkin penning the story it has all the ingredients to be a smash. It will no doubt be better than Jobs from two years ago starring Ashton Kutcher. Did anyone actually see that film?

[youtuber id=”R0IwgWzfGr4″]

2) The Wicker Man 3


Wait a minute where was The Wicker Man 2? Well it came out in 2011 and was called The Wicker Tree. So the director Robin Hardy has now started a crowd funding campaign to get part three of his trilogy underway – The Wrath of The Gods.

Mad sounding all together but have a look at his video and see if you fancy stumping up some money.

[youtuber id=”66fvYKBdZhI”]

3) Ghostbusters Suits are Here


Paul Feig tweeted during the week showing off the costumes for the new Ghostbuster flick with an all female cast.

They look pretty much identical to the originals but it it ain’t broke why fix it.

4) New Masterminds Trailer


IMDB says… A night guard at an armoured car company in the Southern U.S. organizes one of the biggest bank heists in American history.

Starring Kristen Wigg and Zach Galifianakis it’ll land this side of the pond in late August, see you there!

[youtuber id=”CRKNYcs7_4I”]

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