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TAKE TWO: R.I.P Philip French & Maureen O’Hara

1) Philip French R.I.P

Philip French at home his cinema room in London

While having lived to a good age of 82 years old it always seems a pity when someone passes away so close after retirement. Philip French had retired at the age of 80 having been the chief Observer critic for 35 years. He loves of Westerns resulted in a must read book for any fans by the name of Westerns: Aspects of a Movie Genre. Here is the link to his obituary from The Guardian.


2) Maureen O’Hara R.I.P


Well if 82 is a good age then 95 is a super age to make. Maureen passed away at her home quietly in her sleep during the week and will be always remembered for her role alongside John Wayne in The Quiet Man. You can read the Irish Times write up here and watch below some videos of the Ranelagh native.

[youtuber id=”kvULkJ2sZCM”]

[youtuber id=”bZiJxw9IjAI”]

[youtuber id=”YXq3zwJvhuE”]


3) Don Verdean


Danny McBride, Will Forte, Sam Rockwell and Jemaine Clement all star in Jared Hess’s new film which just went and got a trailer. Jared Hess in case you didn’t know directed Napoleon Dynamite so that should be worth the price of admission alone. No release date as yet for this side of the pond but hopefully will be early next year.

[youtuber id=”7Kf1WAcs6gs”]


4) Ridiculous Six has a trailer


Rob Schneider is a Mexican. This is the first of Adam Sandler’s films for Netflix. Doesn’t like it’ll be taken the crown from Blazing Saddles anytime soon but it may not be as bad as 100 Ways To Die In The West. We may get to see it as soon as December. Ye-hah.

[youtuber id=”bJpKwvQWHR0″]

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