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TAKE TWO: Gosling on for Blade Runner II, Shia LaBeouf aftermath & more

1) The Gos for Blade Runner 2


So not only has Ryan Gosling confirmed he will star in Blade Runner 2 alongside Harrison Ford but Ridley Scott has announced what the opening scene will be.

The dudes over at /Film have him saying the first scene will be on a rural dust bowl in Wyoming. Now Scott has stepped aside from directing with Denis Villeneuve in the hot seat but perhaps Scott has more say than a normal producer, it his baby after all. The film is to shoot in the summer of 2016 but no word yet on a release date.


2) Shia LaBeouf film aftermath


So unless you live under a rock or aren’t that big a Shia LaBeouf fan it may have passed you by that he was watching all the films he’s ever done in reverse chronological order. It took three days at The Angelika Film Centre New York. The folks over at collected some tweets of his alleged reactions to the films.

Here’s an article from Rolling Stone saying why he’s a genius. Here here.


3) The Huntsman: Winter’s War trailer


I rather enjoyed Snow White and The Huntsman from 2012 so here we have merely The Huntsman played again by Chris Hemsworth.

There is a darn fine female acting cast with the likes of Emily Blunt, Jessica Chastain and Charlize Theron all on board. It’s pencilled in for an April release date.


4) An Honest Film Review from Jesse Eisenberg


Writing in The New Yorker this week is Facebook’s Jesse Eisenberg. Here he has a shot at film critics and how they review films which might be seen as sour grapes if it wasn’t so funny.


5) Zoolander 2 trailer struts it’s stuff

First trailer for Zoolander 2 sees the gang going across the world in search of something or someone, I dunno, sure watch the trailer and all will be revealed. You’ll be able to see it February 12th.