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TAKE TWO: Captain America Civil War, Christ at the Light House and JLAW the director…

1) Captain America Civil War Trailer drops


The first trailer for the next Marvel instalment has landed and it’s a doozy.

Here we see a Superhero registration protocol being introduced which ultimately pits friends against one another. Chiefly it’s Captain America against Iron Man in the mother of all dust-ups or some such.

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2) Christmas Films at Light House Cinema Dublin


The Light House Cinema have launched their season of Christmas films and as always there’s plenty to keep all the elves happy. It’s 25 years since Home Alone came out so they’ve a screening of that, sing along versions of Frozen and an Elf fancy dress Karaoke party. You can see all the listings here


3) Malick’s Knight of Cups


Inspired by “The Cup Song” from Pitch Perfect, Terrence Malick was inspired to direct once more. Knight of Cups is the end result. We’ll get to see it next year hopefully.

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4) Jennifer Lawrence to direct


She knows there isn’t much wage fairness when it comes to acting, so she’s going to be calling all the shots from the directing chair.

Entertainment Weekly had the news that Jennifer has signed on to direct a project called Operation Delirium. It’s based on a New Yorker article where US doctors ran experiments on soldiers during the 1960s. The EW story is here but why not read The New Yorker story instead.


5) Oscar-nominated political doc Street Fight playing at Filmbase next Thursday


Fundraisers for Wannabe-TD Noel Rock (the youngest Government party candidate in Ireland don’t you know) are holding a get-together in Temple Bar’s Filmbase next Thursday to help raise some much-needed moolah for the Ballymun man’s campaign as he gets set to run in the General Election next year. As well as the film, your admission will also get you some beer and popcorn to act as sustenance.

The 2005 documentary was Oscar-nominated in 2006 but managed to lose out to March of the Penguins. Considering the brilliant Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room and Murderball were also snubbed suggests the Academy may well have gotten it wrong that year…


Find out more on Facebook Events and get booked in on the ticket/donate page here.

DOI: Noel is a good buddy of Nigel

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