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TAKE TWO: No Hateful Eight for Cineworld, Golden Globes, Bayhem and more…

1) No Hateful 8 for Cineworld


So Cineworld have gotten their knickers in a twist and thrown their toys out of the pram as Odeon got the exclusive West End rights to show the film in super-duper 70mm Ultra Panovision. A format that hasn’t been used in almost 50 years. So you’ll have to go to your Odeon chain or local friendly independent cinema to get your Quentin on.


2) Golden Globes this Sunday


Fourth time’s a charm so the saying doesn’t go, but Ricky Gervais will be hoping that when he dons his tux once more for hosting duties of the Golden Globes this Sunday.

Irish interest will be on Saoirse Ronan and Michael Fassbender for acting gongs. Nigel Smith from the guardian has gone through the big categories to see what he thinks should win but inevitably will win.

3) Bayhem


It’s been announced that Michael Bay will direct Transformers 5 which caused the below video to resurface.

A great look at what makes a Bay movie and his unique Bayhem. Kudos to Tony from Every Frame a Painting and check out his youtube channel here

[youtuber id=”2THVvshvq0Q”]


4) Talking Movies Oscar Predictions


Here is Talking Movies’ Tim Brook talking us through some Oscar nomination possibilities. The nominations will be announced Jan 15th with the ceremony hosted by Chris Rock taking place February 28th.

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