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TAKE TWO: Irish to takeover the Oscars, RIP Alan Rickman & David Bowie

1) Oscars – The Irish Are Coming


We here at Spooool are big Oscars fans and what will make this year even more special is the fact that so much Irish talent is represented at this years awards.

The biggest award first being that both Room and Brooklyn are nominated for best film. Saoirse Ronan is up for best actress for Brooklyn, Michael Fassbender is in for best actor in Steve Jobs and Emma Donoghue has gotten a nod for best adapted screenplay for Room. Benjamin Cleary is also nominated in the best short film live action for his film Stutterer.

While some may have been expected, no one could have predicted such a haul. Here is the list of the full nominees and we’ve a feeling that a lot more people will be staying up to watch this year’s ceremony on February 28th.

2) Alan Rickman R.I.P.

alan rickman

Depending on your age, Hans Gruber or The Sherriff of Nottingham or Professor Snape passed away today. He was 69 years old and suffering from cancer. The BBC has a tribute by way of his life in pictures.

Below is one of his most iconic scenes from Die Hard.

[youtuber id=”rd8oXBe_Rp8″]


3) David Bowie R.I.P.


Let’s not forget Bowie’s super performances in the world of film, and while he was a singer the likes of which we will never see again, he’ll always be The Goblin King to me.

[youtuber id=”gJ9BHGX58vQ”]


4) Hail Caesar Trailer 2


This is possibly one of the best trailers in years as it tells you sweet fuck all about the film yet intrigues and makes you laugh.

This drops the eve of my 31st Birthday, I’ll book the tickets, who’s coming?

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5) History’s Future Trailer

history's future

Fiona Tan’s new film History’s Future has a trailer and looks like we’ll be in for a real treat. The film will have its international premiere at the IFFR towards the end of this month. It was co written by Jonathan Romney who writes at times for The Guardian and Sight and Sound. He also had one of the best lines about last years Hard to be a God “If that film [Khrustalyov, My Car!] was the Ulysses of Russian cinema, Hard to Be a God is surely its Finnegans Wake.”

The main protagonist is Mark O’Halloran who never disappoints. So check out the trailer below and we’ll keep you updated with an Irish release date. Go on over to Indiewire if you want a non subtitled version!

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6) Money Monster first trailer


While from watching the trailer it doesn’t seem that original an idea it’s more so the solid cast of Julia Roberts, George Clooney and Jack O’Connell that will make this a worthy trip to the cinema. We should get to see this in May.

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