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TAKE TWO: #OscarsSoWhite, The Survivalist trailer & more

1) #OscarsSoWhite

oscars so white

The backlash against the Oscar nominations really kicked into gear this week with many famous black celebrities announcing that they will be boycotting the awards show. Spike Lee notably the most prominent as he received an honourer Oscar last November.

The video below from Good Morning America which had an interview with Spike Lee raises great points highlighting that the Oscar argument is a misdirection and the root of the problem goes much deeper. Many people are also now calling for Chris Rock to step down from hosting the awards. No doubt this issue will continue to rumble until February 28th.

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2) The Shiznit’s Oscar Movie Posters


What if Oscar movie posters really told the truth about the film it was trying to promote. Well The Shiznit have put together some examples of what that might look like. Check them out, I think my favourite has to be The Grateful Mates. Chuckle.


3) The Survivalist Trailer


A great new trailer for Stephen Fingleton’s film The Survivalist has been released and it’s a doozy. Starring Martin McCann who people may recognise from last years X+Y and the always excellent Olwen Fouere along with Nymphomaniac’s Mia Goth.

It’s a post apocalyptic yarn but the sense of menace and forboding from the trailer alone makes this one to look out for. It will open in selected cinemas across Ireland on Febuary 12th.

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4) Suicide Squad’s New Trailer

suicide squad

So Warner Bros. have gone with a comedy trailer for their new teaser for Suicide Squad scored to Queen. Looks fun but it has too many characters so no doubt you won’t really care about anyone and just focus on stuff being blown up. Yawn.

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