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TAKE TWO: Trailer Madness

A trailer heavy Take Two this week as the super month of January is over here are some the films you can “look forward” to over the next year.

1) The Truth Commissioner gets a trailer


Norn Iron is the gift that keeps on giving. Here we have Roger Allam (The Thick of It) playing a recently appointed Truth Commissioner for the north and who quickly gets sucked into the shady dealings that went on during the troubles.

The film will be released on Friday February 26th and there is an advanced screening on the 21st of February at ADIFF.

[youtuber id=”S0M-wLQuy0o”]


2) Miles Ahead Trailer


So Don Cheadle makes his Oscar attempt movie. Looks like every other bog standard music biopic ala Ray, Walk The Line etcetera. It opens April.

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3) Cabin Fever Reboot trailer


Remember Cabin Fever? Well IFC Midnight hopes ya don’t as they’ve gone and remade it.

Seemingly 14 years is now long enough to wait for a reboot.

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4) Ice Age: Collison Course



Not gonna lie this looks like the most fun of all four trailers this week. Will hit screens in July.

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