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TAKE TWO: George Kennedy RIP, Ali G @ the Oscars, new Ghostbusters trailer & more

1) George Kennedy RIP


While there have been a lot of high profile deaths in the last few months there was something about hearing of George Kennedy’s passing that made me quite sad. He was the larger than life, the most polite term for a fat person, character who starred in numerous movies most notably Cool Hand Luke. He wasn’t fat in the American ride around on a golf buggy sort of way but more barrel chested. Anyway here is one of his most iconic scenes from Cool Hand Luke for which he would go on to win an Oscar. Rest easy George.

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2) Oscar Isaac’s new movie Mojave


Empire magazine got the jump on the trailer for Oscar Isaac flick Mojave which sees him get embroiled in a revenge type affair with a stranger he meets in said desert. It’s directed by the screenwriter of The Departed William Monahan. It’s also his second film behind the camera, his first being London Boulevard starring Colin Farrell and Keira Knightly back in 2010. The film will hit screens on March 25th.

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3) King confirms Elba and McConaughey for Dark Tower

dark tower

Stephen King tweeted during the week that Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey have signed on to star as The Man in Black and The Gunslinger for the film adaptation of his epic series of novels The Dark Tower. Entertainment Weekly have the whole interview here. Hopefully this will be the real deal this time with the project having languished in developmental hell for so long.

4) Sacha Baron Cohen’s Oscar ceremony mischief

ali g

So turns out Sacha Baron Cohen was going completely off script at Sunday’s Oscar ceremony. He was talking to ITV’s Good Morning Britain and maintains they had no idea he was going to appear as his alter ego Ali G. He certainly put some much needed fire back into the lagging ceremony but many (Irish) people thought his comments introducing Room were inappropriate. The Guardian has more.


5) Ghostbusters Trailer


The new trailer for the reincarnated all female Ghostbuters has landed. It seems like they’re doing a slight remake of the first film with the same characters and slimmer along too for good measure. Jokes are thin enough on the ground in the trailer and quite tame. One would hope this isn’t a taste of the movie, it perhaps having to tone it down for mass audience appeal. We can see for ourselves come July 15th.

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