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Five things we learned this week – April 19th 2013


1) The Spy who came in from Smithfield

While leafing through The New Yoker, ahem, I came across an intriguing article written by John le Carre about his time getting to know Richard Burton for the filming of 1965’s The Spy Who Came in from the Cold. It turns out that some of the film was shot at Ardmore studios in Bray and exterior shots were filmed in Smithfield market in Dublin. The opening scene (pictured above) in fact of Burton at Checkpoint Charlie – I wonder did they have to edit the horses out?

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2) The Resurrection of The Stone Roses

Shane Meadows – director of This is England and Dead Man’s Shoes – followed “his favourite band” around for their recent comeback tour. Check out the trailer for the The Stone Roses: Made of Stone for the first look at his chronicle of their rise and fall…



3) Let’s Dance

The Dublin Dance Festival is nearly upon us again, running this year from May 14th-26th. The reason we (a film site) are talking about it is their collaboration with the IFI to show some films, calling the programme “Dance on Film”. Life in Movement (pictured below) is about the unfortunate death of Australian choreographer Tanja Liedtke as her collaborators look back on her work. The films of Wim Vandekeybus – a celebrated choreographer and filmmaker – will also be shown.

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4) Michael Shannon sells out

Well not really, but it is pretty funny to see an actor we’ve come to associate with meaty character studies (Boardwalk Empire, Take Shelter and Revolutionary Road) prancing around in a blockbuster.



5) Only God Forgives

Check out the latest poster for Only God Forgives, the new film from Nicolas Winding Refn which stars Ryan Gosling. Of course the last time they teamed up we got Drive. Next month their new film will be in contention for the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival where Winding Refn took home the 2011 best director gong for their previous collaboration. Read Nigel’s Cannes 2013 preview here.

Only God Forgives Poster - April 2013