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Five things we learned this week – May 3rd 2013


1) Closing Time for Xtra-vision?

We learnt this week that Xtra-vision has gone into receivership. The chain of stores had its trade credit removed, meaning it would have to pay cash for delivery of its stock. Unable to do so means that a buyer of the 152 stores is being sought and up to 1,000 jobs are in doubt. I had the good fortune to work there one summer in the Monaghan town store. Fuelling my love for film, it was great to build up a rapport with certain customers and recommend what they might enjoy watching. It is a sad fact that with increasingly fast high-speed broadband, more and more people are turning to the internet for their movies – be it legally or illegally. The new Sky Store also won’t do the shops any favours. So why not go into to your local store and try keep home cinema alive. READ MORE

2) Pacific Rim

This isn’t by Michael Bay but Guillermo del Toro, hmm…we’ll see.


3) Play Misty for Me

So it turns out Clint Eastwood’s son plays jazz. Obviously turned off punk by his father’s thoughts on the matter, Kyle was attracted to jazz. While releasing his own albums he also has composed music for his Dad’s films, most recently Invictus. Kyle has a new album out called “The View from Here”, nice, he’s the one slapping the bass.


4) Fuck 3D here’s some atoms

The nerds over at IBM are trying to break into the movie business. James Cameron hasn’t much to worry about yet though.


5) Film Pictograms

The 2nd best website in the world is Run by Maria Popova, it’s a bountiful resource for all things creative and cool. Yo will loose hours perusing its depths, but will no doubt be much the better for it. Here is a book comprising of pictograms some of which deal with films, like the one below…