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Five things we learned this week – May 24th 2013

Mr. McGeough is out of the country so Mr. Wheatley has moved into his office for the morning. While P is learning the cost of a paella plate in Barcelona, N learned these five things…

Only God Forgives

1) Only God Forgives is helluva divisive

The Cannes film that was most excited about has played to wonderfully mixed reviews. Rejoice!

On the one hand you have five star reviews from The Guardian’s Peter Bradshaw and The Irish Times’ Donald Clarke, but then on the other you’ve got lots of reports of it being a dud. Add to this reports of mass walkouts and rowdy crowds. Variety writes… “the film was booed at its press screening earlier this morning, countered (as boos often are) by defiant shouts of “Bravo!” and scattered applause, indicating pockets of support.

It’s boring when everyone likes everything we say. Now hurry up and announce an Irish release date so we can make up our own minds.


Last Days on Mars

2) Ireland’s Cannes Sci-Fi hope did a-OK

Last Days on Mars is a UK-Irish co-production directed by our own Ruairi Robinson. It’s his feature debut and while the reviews said the script was a little derivative, there’s been lots of praise for the film’s style and visual effects which were completed in Dublin’s Screen Scene.

Here’s a bit of The Hollywood Reporter’s review

The establishing scenes are terrific, with cinematographer Robbie Ryan prowling the barren landscape in hazy light, and the visual effects team whipping up truly menacing dust storms accompanied by Max Richter’s score, by turns melodic, moody and urgent. There’s also a potent sense of the claustrophobia of people stationed in a remote outpost, tinged with notes of dread. Robinson is not shy about drawing inspiration from the cream of the genre, including 2001: A Space Odyssey and Alien, though comparison with Duncan Jones’ more recent Moon will be inevitable.


Steven Soderbergh

3) Soderbergh’s “active retirement”

Well that didn’t last long – “Steven Soderbergh Will Interrupt Retirement To Direct And Produce Cinemax Series ‘The Knick’ With Clive Owen Starring“.

In fairness he did just say he was giving up feature films so a bit of tele work isn’t really reneging on anything…


Jennifer Lawrence

4) Remember that lovely girl who won the Oscar earlier this year?

Nice to see that the young Lawrence girl is still getting work, pity she has to get all painted up for it



Freedom within the heart - brian boru movie

5) Wondering where your Brian Boru film is?

Remember primary school thinking how bad-ass our Brian was? Well a new €80million feature is on the way!

The film will be directed by Cork native Mark Mahon and according to IFTN, it will begin its 100-day shoot next April or May. A cast will be announced soon. The film is based on the graphic novel “Freedom Within the Heart” which has a wonderfully dated website – welcome to 2005, don’t forget to update your shockwave and flash plugins.