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Five things we learned this week – May 31st 2013

Grindhouse Season at The Lighthouse Cinema

1) Get your grind on at The Lighthouse!

Yes we were happy to learn that the Lighthouse is hosting Grindhouse Dublin a cult movie enthusiasts monthly movie club. It will get proceedings underway with Escape from New York ,John Carpenter’s classic flick starring Kurt Russell (who also appeared in Tarantino’s homage to the genre Death Proof). You can book your tickets for the June 28th screening here.



2) Never mind 12″ – 70mm is the real deal

The IFI is the only cinema in Ireland capable of showing 70mm prints, the purists’ medium for shooting and projecting film. So as they say if you got it, flaunt it, and the IFI is doing precisely that with a wee season of 70mm. They will show Alien, The Deerhunter, Ryan’s Daughter and Big Trouble in Little China – Kurt Russell really is everywhere this weather. Tickets and more info here.


3) Ain’t Them Bodies Saints

Terrence Malick meets No Country for Old Men. Called it.


Ain't in It for My Health: A Film About Levon Helm

4) Ain’t in It for My Health

This documentary about the life of The Band’s Levon Helm finally came out this month in the states, no sign of a release date here but seems right up the Lighthouse’s alley.



5) Soderbergh strikes the right note

HBO are no doubt doing a happy little jig with news that their commissioned feature Behind the Candelabra has given them their highest ratings for an original feature in nearly a decade. We should get a chance to see the Steven Soderbergh directed film June 7th.

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Grindhouse Dublin

Thanks guys!

Escape From new York will commence on Friday 28th, 10:30pm at Light House Cinema, Smithfield.

Link to tickets:



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