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Five things we learned this week – June 21st 2013

James Gandolfini voiced Carol in the Maurice Sendak adaptation "Where the Wild Things Are".

1) James Gandolfini R.I.P

It was in disbelief that we listened to the reports coming in of James Gandolfini’s sudden death in Italy on Wednesday night. While he made his name and legacy with the television series The Sopranos he turned in many a fine performance in such films as The Man Who Wasn’t There, Where the Wild Things Are (pictured above) and most recently Zero Dark Thirty. He was certainly the best thing about last year’s Killing Them Softly where he played a hit man having a breakdown. Enjoy…



2) Ennio Morricone Season

Ahya ahahaha wah wah wah. Ahem yes, to celebrate the man responsible for some of the most iconic movie scores coming to Dublin for a concert, the Light House Cinema is putting on an Ennio Morricone Season. They will be showing the spaghetti western trilogy as well as The Mission and more besides. More info and tickets here.




3) Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom



4) Anchorman 2


5) The Wolf of Wall Street

Does anybody do the rise of fall of a man better than Martin Scorsese? Goodfellas, Casino, The Aviator, Raging Bull. So who better to tell the story of Jordan Belfort, a convicted stock market investor played by Leonardo DiCaprio. Oh and McConaughey seems to be working his magic again.



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