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Five things we learned this week – November 29th 2013

1) Gender Inequality in Films – Women not getting their dues shock!

The New York Film Academy has taken a closer look at films from 2007-2012 to see how women are portrayed, what percentage of the cast they make up and how much they get paid in relation to their male counterparts. It makes for grim reading as women purchase half the amount of film tickets in the US, yet make up only 30.8% of speaking characters with the ratio of men to women working behind the scenes is 5:1.

Pay scales aren’t much better with the highest paid female, Angelina Jolie, making about the same as the lowest paid men – Liam Neeson and Denzel Washington. There is some hope as there are many female directors and actors coming to the fore – writer directors Lake Bell and Lena Dunham, producer Kathleen Kennedy and shining light Kathryn Bigelow. You can read the full report (via and props to our Australian correspondent who gave us the heads up on this report.

Get your mouse ready to scroll through this infographic…
New York Film Academy - Gender Inequality infographic

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