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Galway 2015: Traders

Originally posted July 2015




It is always enjoyable to see an Irish film that hasn’t too much to do with Ireland and is simply a good story. While it will resonate with people who’ve lost their jobs, houses or even loved ones through the recession, Traders could be based in any country that has faced an economic downturn.

Harry (Killian Scott) and Vernon (John Bradley) have recently lost their jobs and Vernon comes up with an internet scheme to make some seriously large sums of money. Harry isn’t too keen as it involves two opponents fighting each other to the death for a similar sum of money. The winner takes all the cash leaving them to cash out or meet another trader.

Harry’s bank keeps calling and the extravagant lifestyle he was used to during the boom soon makes him come around to Vernon’s new game. Vernon isn’t too physically skilled, yet Harry takes to it like a duck to water. The film is part horror, thriller and black comedy managing to keep itself grounded in some realm of believability. Scott and Bradley are in flying form, expertly playing off each other.

This is the second good film so far this year from Scott (Get Up and Go having come earlier in the year) and having not seen Game Of Thrones I’m informed Bradley is a fine actor, shining here too as an annoying dose who doesn’t know when to leave well enough alone.

Writing and directing duo Rachel Moriarty and Peter Murphy would certainly have been influenced by the films of Ben Wheatley and it brings to mind The Last Supper and Swimming With Sharks. Yet they bring great originality and a sharpness rarely seen with most productions. There isn’t a release date as yet but don’t miss it when it hits cinema screens.

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