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Galway 2015: Bloodsucking Bastards

bloodsucking bastards


If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Thus we have Bloodsucking Bastards, a gore fest vampire flick set in America which is destined to become a cult classic in the years to come. In one sense it has hallmarks of the classic American salesman story. Evan (Fran Kranz) is working tirelessly for a promotion everyone knows he won’t get, his girlfriend has dumped him and he now finds himself stuck in a dead end job. Literally.

In an effort to boost sales, a new pro is brought in to turn things around and it’s then that people start becoming more efficient and less alive. Evan must rely on his best friend and slacker extraordinaire Tim (Joey Kern) to help him save if not the company at least his girlfriend Amanda (Emma Fitzpatrick). A super supporting cast make for a well rounded production brimming with visible chemistry and security in one another. This makes it great to watch and is half the battle in getting the audience to come along for the ride.

It has the perfect run time of 86 minutes, never coming close to outstaying it’s welcome with a healthy mix of humour and b movie gore. Taking it’s cue from such classics of the genre as Evil Dead and tips of the hat to Office Space the team behind Bloodsucking Bastards know what they’re at. Made for a tiny budget and shot in 18 days it’s an impressive feat that deserves to be seen when it gets a release date.

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