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History’s Future (Galway Film Fleadh 2016)

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Falling into the stream of Women in Film at this year’s fleadh History’s Future, which is directed by Fiona Tan, is her first feature that is not a documentary, although there are massive conventions one would expect to find in that genre.

Mark O’Halloran plays a man beaten up and having lost his memory sets out on a journey across Europe to try and cobble his life back together. It’s a terrifying prospect which almost sets its stall out as a horror movie yet slowly manoeuvres into a social commentary on the notion of nationhood, refugees and citizenship. It feels strongly like an art installation piece ignoring all the rules of conventional cinema. You know when the opening few scenes are of people walking backwards in Screen 1 of The Savoy that things aren’t going to be paint by numbers.

The film was a difficult viewing experience as all the languages not spoken in English didn’t have subtitles. I felt this was to show how alienating and scary the world can be when you don’t speak the language yet it left me disengaged.

It turns out the film was screened without subtitles and should have had them.

So it would be very unfair to award a star rating but I will instead promise a return journey when the film opens in Dublin. Which is quite soon if Mark O’Halloran’s twitter feed is to be believed.

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Director Fiona Tan
Cast Mark O’Halloran, Denis Lavant, Anne Consigny, Manjinder Virk, Brian Gleeson, Christos Passalis
Script Fiona Tan, Jonathan Romney
Producers Floor Onrust, Cormac Fox, Benny Drechsel