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These Daughters of Mine (Galway Film Fleadh 2016)

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these daughters of mine


The literal translation of this Polish film is My Daughters Cows (Moje córki krowy) or perhaps my daughters, the cows. Unfortunately nobody in the film is a farmer and the title refers to how when the father of the family is losing his mind due to a brain tumor he takes to calling his daughters cows as they won’t let him get steaming drunk on whiskey.

He has two daughters, one a famous Polish soap star, and the other is a teacher and sole earner in her marriage. Their mother has also recently had a stroke and is in a catatonic state in the hospital. This traumatic event pushes the family unit to the brink and when they discover the father has a brain tumour it’s the icing on a very black forest gateau.

The relationship between the two sisters is expertly played out showing how old grudges are never truly resolved, always there bubbling below the surface. The film captures how we take our parents for granted and in great times of stress we can often only worry how this great life event, their death, will affect us. It beautifully shows how as is so often the case that the mother is holding the family together. She is the keystone of the foundation. Take her away and the rest crumbles.

A raw, emotional and honest look at families with all the tears of sadness and joy. One to certainly keep an eye peeled for, oh and go call your parents.

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Director Kinga Dębska
Cast Agata Kulesza, Gabriela Muskała, Marian Dziędziel
Script Kinga Dębska
Producers Zbigniew Domagalska