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The Inbetweeners 2


Boys behaving badly – ★★★

As 22 Jump Street pointed out, the sequel is always more outlandish, it has more money spent on it and it always goes over the top. The Inbetweeners 2 is no different, here the action has transferred down under as Jay has gone on a gap year, or so we are lead to believe, and the rest of the gang decide to pay him a visit for the Easter break. Unsurprisingly, Jay has been filling them full of rubbish and when they land they discover he is living in a tent and works as a wash-room attendant – allowing them to embark on some real travels.

Chat Roulette

Chat Roulette

Once the unfunny set up passes by and we get on the road the film starts to remind you why the television series was such a hit. Rightly taking a pot shot at pretentious middle class eco tourists, the film contrasts the brash laddish element with the other end of the spectrum in crusty hippies in drum circles. Each of the four lads haven’t progressed or changed and all fall into the same routines – Jay the foul mouthed one, Will the straight laced one, Simon the hen pecked one and Neil the stupid one. The film belongs to Neil, with his comic timing and delivery second to none.

The film is hard to watch at times, be it from a gross out attempt or the cringe-inducing socially awkward scenes the writers Beesley and Morris are so adept at penning. There are essentially two good Inbetweeners episodes contained within the film – the trip to the water park which is really just a variation on the amusement park television episode, and the ridiculing of pretentious travellers. The start is tired and limps along to get us to main event, and the ending is so pointless and baffling it seemed necessary only to introduce old characters for one last hurrah.

The creators have confirmed there will be no more movies and, while the sequel has flashes of brilliance and hilarious set pieces, after six years it’s time we let these lads get on with their lives and thank them for the memories.

The Inbetweeners 2 was released nationwide on the 6th of August 2014

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