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Say When

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Dazed and Confused – ★★★

Keira Knightley will most likely have to wait for The Imitation Game to win over her critics, as with Say When she plays another hopelessly lost, yet effortlessly cool, awkward girl trying to make sense of it all. Drifting apart from her college friends, catching her father cheating and being proposed to by her high school sweetheart and long term boyfriend sends Megan (Knightley) into a bit of a tailspin. She decides to lay low for the week at a teenage girl’s house, Annika (Chloë Grace Mortez) who she befriended while buying alcohol.

Annika and Megan hit it off as they each envy one another in some way. However Annika’s life allows Megan to travel back in time to see her past mistakes and come to realise what she really wants. Sam Rockwell plays Craig Annika’s father and as usual steals most scenes he’s in and is a prime candidate for Film Dad of the Year.

There is a list as long as a long person arm of “slacker” movies concerning men who don’t want to grow up and take responsibility, hell it’s pretty much Will Ferrell’s whole career. It’s a much rarer type of a film that shows women in this light who don’t want to conform to the 2.4 children, white picket fence in the suburbs and communal couples brunches.

Certainly Say When (known as “Laggies” internationally) is predictable and cliched at times, but it’s a novel enough idea for a romantic comedy and for once puts a different female point of view to the fore and for that it deserves to be seen and celebrated.

Released across Ireland on November 7th 2014

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