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Jesus wept - ★★★★

Dog lovers beware of Paddy Considine’s first feature length foray into the world of directing.

Set in Scotland , Tyrannosaur is a harsh and unapologetic look at the development of a friendship between Joseph played by Peter Mullan and Hannah played by Peepshow’s Olivia Colman. Although Joseph’s troubles are plastered all over his face Hannah’s misery takes slightly longer to unfold.

Joseph finds refuge in Hannah’s charity shop and upon realising she hasn’t the easy life he imagined a bond is forged between them. Anyone who has seen Dead Man’s Shoes should have an idea of what to expect and the themes of vigilantism and retribution are obviously close to Considine’s heart. The film is honest and does not shy away from it’s portrayal of domestic abuse which at times is very hard to stomach with Eddie Marsan doing an excellent job of playing the husband whose every fibre we despise. There are also some great supporting roles most notably that of Samuel Bottomley, Joseph’s young next door neighbour and by Ned Dennehy as Joseph’s drinking buddy and only friend.

It’s been a long time since a film has evoked such strong emotions, made me try to delete images from my consciousness and I certainly have no intention of watching Tyrannosaur again but for these reasons alone I feel it is a must see.


Sounds disgusting. Sickened I missed this at TIFF though!!

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