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If it ain’t broke, make a movie – ★½

So what do you do after 8 seasons of a television show totalling 96 episodes? Why you make a movie out of it and milk it for every last drop. The show, of which I’ve seen a few episodes, followed the life of actor Vince (Adrian Grenier) as he tried to make it in Hollywood. His entourage made up of Eric (Kevin Connolly), Johnny Drama (Kevin Dillion) and Turtle (Jerry Ferrara) get into all sorts of capers and hijinks along the way while angry Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven) must keep them all in check as Vince’s agent.

The film follows the exact same format only this time Ari is now a studio president and Vince wants to direct a movie. He’s gone over budget however which puts Ari in a tricky position with the film’s financiers. This is the core of the film with the rest of the guys having offshoot story lines. Turtle wants to get a woman, Johnny Drama is being all drama and Eric is having a moral dilemma about the amount of women he’s sleeping with.

The show has been often labelled as a male Sex in the City yet it’s counterpart had much more believable character developments and storylines merely jumping the shark when it moved to the big screen. Ari steals most scenes he’s in, but compared to Armando Iannucci’s creation Malcolm Tucker, Ari seems like the Dali Lama.

It’s not too surprising that a film about five manboys has some pretty underdeveloped female characters but given the male ones are two dimensional and wooden this can be forgiven. Gratuitous ass shots are kept mainly to the opening five minute “we’re on a boat scene”. The main problem is how boring the whole affair is, it’s impossible to care about a bunch of rich, whiny, white boys and their first world problems.

For a film to have a character with a moniker of “drama”, you’d be expecting a little of said drama. Instead we get a tepid, inane and formulaic affair that’s impossible to get excited about.

Released across Ireland on Friday June 19th 2015

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