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Ted 2

ted 2

Care Bear – ★★★½

There is no recapping involved in Ted 2, Seth MacFarlane’s sequel to the loudmouth, talking bear picture from three years ago. It’s straight into Ted (voiced by MacFarlane) getting married by Flash Gordon to the love of his life Tami-Lynn (Jessica Bath) while John (Mark Wahlberg) is getting over his divorce. We fast-forward a year, only to find that true love isn’t running as smoothly as one would hope and that Ted and Tami’s relationship is on the rocks. An attempt at having children brings into question Ted’s very existence as a human making him embark on a journey to ensure he isn’t just somebody’s property.

MacFarlane would have grown up with films like Airplane! and the outings of Cheech and Chong which can be seen throughout with great sight gags, the sheer volume of jokes and the copious amounts of weed smoking and stoner humour on show. Amanda Seyfried who starred in MacFarlane’s last outing A Million Ways To Die In The West comes on board here as Samantha, the lawyer tasked with proving Ted’s existence. She isn’t afraid at poking fun at herself while most of the jokes are made at John and Ted’s expense. It’s good to see MacFarlane staying away from the hatred of women his other show Family Guy has become bogged down and synonymous with, leaving room for solid one-liners and set pieces.

The humour isn’t too far removed from his usual fare with plenty of dick and fart jokes while also allowing some current observational home runs. It won’t be to everyone’s taste and will probably offend a few but there is a well constructed plot with a central message at the heart of Ted 2. The film essentially becomes a film about civil rights and with recent developments in America regarding gay people and the state of race relations it comes at a very fitting moment. A tad long at nearly two hours it doesn’t quite drag but a little tightening of the script could have made it a much leaner animal.

Thankfully all the best jokes aren’t in the trailer and there are some super cameos which I won’t ruin. Patrick Warburton steals every scene he’s in and his presence at Comic Con results in a brilliant sight gag. Kudos must be given for making an audience care and feel attached to a CGI bear which is in no small part down to the voice talents of MacFarlane. Will there be a Ted 3? Who knows but if it’s to the same standard as this latest offering I figure most people will get on board for another teddy bear’s picnic.

Ted 2 opens on the 10th of July 2015

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