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Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse

scouts guide to the zombie apocalypse

Zombie Killing Badge – ★★★

At the ripe old age of eighteen, Tye Sheridan is adopting the one for me one for them attitude towards making movies. He burst onto the scene in Mud from 2012 and had a stellar performance in the indie hit Joe from 2013. Now he’s turned his attention to a big studio end of the world affair. Thankfully it’s not a bad offering to the zombie cannon.

Most people would be happy for zombies to piss off and die right about now once and for all, but with Scouts Guide we get The Goonies meets American Pie. The film is full to the brim of nifty gadgets and scouting knowhow, while at the same time pushes gross out sex jokes to a new level. It concerns three buds – Ben (Tye Sheridan), Carter (Logan Miller) and Augie (Joey Morgan). They are the only members of their scouting club at school. Ben and Carter want to give it up as they only stayed members because Augie’s Dad died. The secret senior dance happens to fall on the same night as Augie’s big scouting honour which leaves Ben and Carter with quite the dilemma.

Thankfully a zombie apocalypse breaks out which causes all concerned to re-evaluate their priorities. This is where the teenage blokey humour creeps in as they visit a deserted strip club. We get flashes (pun intended) of this type of behaviour throughout with dick and fart jokes, zombie boobs and scantily clad females. This will be to most teenage boys delight. Two scenes were impressive for their kills, while two other scenes dropped the decency bar that little bit lower.

The plot is pretty straight-forward with no new genre defining insights. The novelty is they’re young adults and if the film had a sprinkling more of The Goonies element it may have reached a wider audience perhaps becoming a classic of the field. Director Christopher Landon succeeds in building tension and marries the scare to humour ratio well. There is enough contained within to warrant a viewing, but ropey plot holes and a mismatch in tones takes away some of the shine.

Word to the wise, don’t walk up to a woman and simply kiss her on the lips, this only happens in films where as in the real world it’s called assault.

Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse opens on the 6th of November

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