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Zoolander 2

zoolander 2

So Last Season – ★★

It’s always disappointing when a film lives up to the exceedingly low expectations you have. Zoolander 2 is a firm believer in the adage of if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, in fact just keep repeating the same joke ad nauseam and throw in a cameo or twenty when the joke wears thin. We start our outing with Zoolander (Stiller) and Hansel (Wilson) not on speaking terms due to a devastating construction accident which left Hansel maimed and Zoolander’s wife dead. Zoolander is then left bringing up their only child which is swiftly taken from him and put into care.

Zoolander retreats to a life of solitude but is lured back to the spotlight by Billy Zane and the hopes of becoming a famous model once again. Hansel feels trapped as each of the eight people he had an orgy with have become pregnant causing him to deal with his own abandonment issues. The designer of the moment Don Atari played brilliantly by Kyle Mooney simply uses Hansel and Zoolander as a cheap trick in his latest show. The models think it’s lights out but they discover that Zoolander may be the reason so many celebrities are being murdered. Enter Penelope Cruz as the head of the fashion police for Interpol who is on hand to lend her breasts.

If you think the mispronunciation of words is the height of comedy then Zoolander 2 is your film. Bring a notepad mind as you’ll need one to try and remember all the cameos on show. Looking at IMDB I don’t even remember seeing some of those names. The first instalment boasted the insane cameo of David Bowie and what does number two have for us? Sting, fucking Sting.

The film does pick up a notch when Will Ferrell turns up as the evil genius Mugatu. Every scene Kristen Wiig is in as Alexanya Atoz is a highlight and she nearly steals the whole film which balances out the total objectification of Cruz. The film sparked some controversy in Benedict Cumberbatch’s character which clearly pokes fun at trans gender people and there are other issues that raise an eyebrow regarding fat shaming and plus size models. Yet the creepiest element is Portlandia’s Fred Armisen’s cameo as a tour guide, you’re better than this Fred.

Really one for die hard fans of Stiller’s first outing but even they will find it hard to find something to cherish in what is clearly just an alteration to a tired dress instead of a glitzy new number.

Zoolander 2 opens Friday the 12th of February

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