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Love In Space – ★★½

**Review contains spoilers with regard to Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence’s characters but if you didn’t figure them out from the trailer you probably don’t have the intelligence to read so worry not.**

In Passengers everything just happens to keep working out for the better. What starts as a desert island movie morphs into a creepy love story culminating in a very light environmental fable. 5000 humans are aboard the spaceship Avalon travelling to Homestead II, a voyage which will take 120 years. Unfortunately Jim (Chris Pratt) is awoken 30 years into the journey due to a ship malfunction. He then spends the next year in montage form trying to live and figure out how to be rescued.

Then his mind turns to the dark side as he begins to consider waking up another passenger. After some minor toing and froing he does indeed revive Aurora (Jennifer Lawrence) and pretends it was the ship malfunctioning again. Sleeping beauty goes through the same trials before accepting her fate and succumbing to Jim’s “nice guy” ways. It’s here the film becomes at heart a love story with all the ups and downs especially when robot Michael Sheen can’t keep his mouth shut.

If I was to talk anymore about the plot it would render seeing the film totally pointless and while the film isn’t breaking any ground in terms of sci-fi or love stories it passes the time. Lawrence and Pratt have good chemistry and who doesn’t want to look at good looking people have good looking people film sex.

The film is a ten on the nifty gadget scale with its swimming pool, space suits and cleaning robots. It has nods to Gravity with some space acrobatics and has humorous parts but nothing compared to The Martian. It could have gone in so many weirder and out there directions; what if Jim had woken loads of people up? Would it have turned into Lord of the Flies? Perhaps the ship and its robot inhabitants had enough of the drudgery and crashed the ship or killed all the humans. Maybe Aliens could have boarded the ship but instead we get a love story the foundation of which is akin to an arranged marriage.

Passengers opens nationwide Wednesday 21st of December 2016

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