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Galway Film Fleadh 2017: Bad Day for the Cut

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bad day for the cut galway film fleadh 2017


Chris Baugh has burst onto our screens with his first feature length film and it’s quite the calling card. Set in the North of Ireland it concerns a lonely farmer living with his mother who is becoming more and more housebound (through choice as opposed to a visible condition). When one night she is murdered in her home it sends Donal down a path he thought he’d never walk.

Nigel O’Neill is fantastic as the seemingly innocent farmer with a heart of gold yet capable of getting straight answers by any means necessary. The comedy is jet black and will find it’s home among a willing Irish audience. What makes it so refreshing is the supporting cast are all outstanding. Bartosz (Józef Pawlowski) who is trying to find his sister becomes an unlikely partner to Donal giving the film a buddy cop feel for a time. Susan Lynch is fantastic as the baddie and David Pearse as Gavigan just about steals every scene he’s in.

The ending will leave some unhappy yet I imagine more so down to a feeling of not wanting the film to end than any great sense of annoyance. The country and western songs throughout give the film an extra sense of place and dark humour with Big Tom’s “Going out the same way you came in” a touch of genius. Hopefully it’s penciled in for a release later in the year as it deserves to get seen by lots of people. Destined to become a cult classic and could we even be watching the next Ben Wheatley?

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