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Iron Sky

The Fourth Reich Rises - ★★★

Michael Bay would have you believe Transformers live on the dark side of the moon but he’s an idiot. We all know it’s Nazis hell bent on a re-match with Earth. 

In Iron Sky the year is 2018 and America has once again gone to the moon by order of the female president who has an uncanny resemblance to Sarah Palin. In a bid to get herself re-elected, it is thought that such a grandstanding gesture will surely secure her second term – especially considering a black man is one of the astronauts. However they discover upon landing that Nazis have been hiding out since 1945, all the while plotting their return to Earth to take their revenge. When they discover that Earth possesses all the technological requirements to bring them home, they launch a small mission back to their home planet ultimately leading to the rise of The Fourth Reich.

Finnish director Timo Vuorensola and co. have their tongues very much in their collective cheeks from the get go as they take the notion of a “token black character” to a whole new level. The beginning scenes lay the ground work for the type of humour in store; anarchic, un-PC and, believe it or not, bitingly satirical. They ridicule the Nazis and their idiotic beliefs at every opportunity and while some would argue that making fun of Nazis diminishes the seriousness of their atrocities, I am not one such viewer. The people behind Iron Sky never make fun of the victims of World War II and instead illustrate the effect of propaganda on a gullible population with a very good joke about Charlie Chaplin’s The Great Dictator.

Iron Sky - Nazi side of the moon

| o | - Nazi side of the moon

The parallels the film draws between Nazi Germany and present-day America are brilliant, with the director even saying how he gave the President of the USA character (Stephanie Paul) lines that Goebbels himself uttered at one point in time. The actors all know what is required of them, delivering sufficiently cheesy dialogue with appropriate B-movie acting. Julia Dietze plays Renate Richter, a modern day Nazi who was born on the moon and is totally ignorant to the reality of what her people once carried out on Earth and through this, manages to arouse our pity at her situation.

The film casts a critical eye on a whole array of topics. These include the UN council and its reluctance to act as they prefer obvious double-talk, and the policies of the world’s biggest nations, mainly America, who invade territories simply for their natural resources. This is all probably best illustrated during a Sarah Palin montage.

The legendary German actor Udo Kier puts in a brief but worthwhile appearance as Wolfgang Kortzfleisch, giving that little bit of class to proceedings.

Although being relatively short at just 90 minutes it does manage to drag in the middle, getting a little bogged down in the plot and setups. I was surprised by the ending as it could have easily have gone in a totally different direction but, by taking the path it did, makes it that much more worthwhile a movie and casts a bright light on the ugly face of political stupidity. Bravo.

Finland, Germany  /  Directed By: Timo Vuorensola   /  Written By: Michael Kalesniko   /  Starring: Julia Dietze, Peta Sergeant, Udo Kier  /  93mins  /   Action, Comedy, Sci-Fi   /  Release: 23 May 2012 (UK, Ireland)


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