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Punching above its weight - ★★

A montage set to Beethoven pretty much sums Warrior up. Ridiculous.

People are comparing it to Rocky and this is easy to see with Nick Nolte reprising the role of Mickey. Nolte is probably the best thing about Warrior turning in an intense portrayal of a recovering alcoholic trying to atone for his undoubtedly troubled past.

House’s Jennifer Morrison take on Adrian is pretty low key, apart from looking worried that her man might get hurt but she soon sets this aside and pulls up a ringside seat when the fights get interesting and lucrative.

Finally we have Rocky himself split in two. We have the raw animal, doesn’t listen to nobody, troubled Rocky played by Tom Hardy whose Philly accent is a bit all over the place at times, although he spends most of the time looking moody and flexing his (insane) neck muscles so it isn’t that noticeable. Then we have the family guy Rocky, down on his luck just watching out for his wife and kids trying to make ends meet played by Joel Edgerton. A retired MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fighter now teaching physics to high school kids who fights in parking lots to bring in some extra money.

So when Sparta rolls around, an ultimate showdown of the best MMA fighters with a purse of $5 million, our two Rockys are determined to compete. Without giving away plot details I’d say the writers for a WWE storyline would pass on this screenplay. With Rocky’s music, montages and cheese you knew where you were and it didn’t pretend otherwise , granted the first rocky was a much more downbeat affair but Warrior tries to blend the two and gets lost along the way. You leave feeling dazed and confused with none of the feel good quality a truly great sports movie should deliver.