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22 Jump Street

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If it ain’t broke… – ★★★

Back with more of the same, 22 Jump Street is a smart, self-aware comedy that for once doesn’t have all the best jokes in the trailer. Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum are still partners but are unsuccessful with their recent busts because they aren’t doing exactly the same stuff as the first time round. Once their Deputy Chief points this out (as well as the plot for the entire movie), the duo are happily on their way to college to go undercover at the behest of the Captain a.k.a Ice Cube.

It’s the same story – kids doing drugs, over-dosing and the general decay of the youth culture only it’s all going down at college. Enrolling, the partners are giving Jack a run for his money in their appearance as freshmans but enough jokes are made to highlight the implausibility of the scenario. Hill and Tatum must try and find the source, all the while sticking to the plot scenario Deputy Chief Hardy alluded to at the start.

No Romance like a Bromance

No Romance like a Bromance

Like all these bromance films of late it’s a good twenty minutes too long and when you realise they still have to go to “Spring Break” you begin to lose interest. As with most love stories, it becomes tiresome and predictable and the relationship between Hill and Tatum is no different. They are somewhat of a working man’s Franco and Rogen and are merely copying the format they’ve been doing since Pineapple Express. The “two men being OK with sharing their feelings and becoming close” format really seems to be running on empty as a comedy vehicle.

Jillian Bell is fantastic as the odd blond room mate and is reminiscent of a young Jennifer Coolidge. Fans of Greek (i.e. me and one other lonely girl living in Texas) will get a kick out of seeing Amber Stevens although she has little to do overall. A refreshing twist is they don’t glorify spring break although there is far too much slow motion while a “banging tune” plays in the background going on.

Hopefully this will be an end to the franchise as they’ve got their wares out of it and no ones wants to go into Police Academy territory.

22 Jump Street is released nationwide on Friday the 6th of June

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