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It's wheely good - ★★★★

So, there is this tyre right called Robert and it can blow things up with the power of it’s mind.

I saw the trailer last year some time and wondered if it was all a joke, but to my delight the film exists and it turns out to be one of the most intelligent films about “movies” in years. We start with Lieutenant Chad setting the mood and explaining the “no reason” element to all great movies with nods to Lynch and Jim Jarmusch in it’s execution. The film then introduces the audience who must watch from afar with binoculars as the movie rolls into action.

We see the progression of Robert’s mind blowing abilities from scorpion to rabbit to a pick up truck driver. To imbue a tyre with menace is no mean feat. The action cuts back and forth between the spectators for subtle comments on the notion of films and their appeal.

It had me wondering how certain shots were achieved and how they got the tyre to work, which is such a novelty as with most films you just presume it’s CGI and as Rubber doesn’t utilise much CGI it means it will age very well. The film is packed full of humour and intentional humour at that, resulting in one of the funniest lines of dialogue I’ve heard in years.

I don’t want to say much more as the film is a real delight for movie fans, original, self aware and a throwback to the B-movies of old.


Glad you posted about this cause I hadn’t heard a thing about it and that’s the huge drag of good stuff going straight to DVD. This one showed at a boatload of film festivals at least.

Sounds kinda hip, post-modern and high-brow when all is said and done which fits great on my movie menu but I can see why reviews from critics and users split right down the middle.

Gonna give it a go.

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