Your trusted Irish source for film news, reviews and features. Podcast #24 – Star Wars Trailer Talk, Paddington reviewed and National Lampoons Christmas Vacation

Star Wars Millennium Falcon

With Thanksgiving in the United States, JJ Abrams treated us to the Star Wars trailer. What did we make of it? Listen in to find out!

We also learn about…

  • “The classic foreign film trailer”
  • The problem with Chevy Chase
  • The magic of Gene Hackman
  • Bill Hader’s gay man acting ability
  • Paddington gets reviewed. Thumbs up.
  • The French Connection II and National Lampoons Christmas Vacation are on the Watch With Spooool slate
  • And we look ahead to December’s new releases – The Hobbit, Black Sea and Unbroken

Our end of year lists will be online from December 15-19th so send us on your lists and we can feature and critique them – or @spoooolers on Twitter.

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