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Pod #55: Best Films of 2016


What a year it’s been. Lots of dead musicians, more Enda, some Brexiteering and a Trump in the White House. However at the cinema, life seemed to continue as normal. We saw over 160 new films that hit screens this year and have picked out our favourites and chatted about them in the podcast. We will also publish individual lists – Nigel’s Top 10 and Páraic’s Top 10.

Looking for a consensus pick of our joint films of the year? Seems hard to look beyond Paterson, 13th, Mustang and Sing Street.

Thanks as always for listening every month, and reading our increasingly sporadic and middle-aged musings. Friends of Spooool lists will be posted Thursday 22nd.

2016 best of 2016

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Nigel loves stupid films almost as much as he likes clever films. He'll watch anything but is usually drawn to documentaries, North American independent films, Irish cinema and gung-ho, balls-to-the-walls Hollywood blockbusters. Here's what he's been watching.