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Pod #66 – Adam Sandler’s best film in 15 years!

This month it’s a rare one as we’ve got four new films and all four are worth your time and money – The Death of Stalin, The Meyerowitz Stories (Ben Stiller and Adam Sandler FTW!), The Party, and Daphne.

Also from the 22:45 mark we break down Dublin’s new kid on the block – The Stella Cinema (whose demise we’ve lamented before) – which will be a snazzy boutique cinema costing you €19 a ticket. We’re excited.

From 25:10 will anyone really care about The Savoy Cinema’s closure of the giant Screen 1? Also what the hell is up with the escalator in Dublin’s Cineworld?

Also previews of Thor: Ragnorak and The Killing of a Sacred Deer.

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