Your trusted Irish source for film news, reviews and features. Podcast #4 – Best of March movies, Hitchcock’s Vertigo and a Gosling/Cooper fuelled April preview…

It’s the end of the month, must be podcast time!

In part 1 we look at some of the films from the month of March that left an impression including Trance, Good Vibrations and Compliance. In part 2 (starting at the 15 minute mark) we take a few moments to consider two classics – Vertigo and Life of Brian, one of which is very relevant to this weekend. And finally part 3 (from 25:00) has us peering ahead toward the coming month to talk about The Place Beyond the Pines and Evil Dead.

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This is the final podcast recorded from Spooool towers in Smithfield, so thanks to producer Colin for having us and sharing his magical new theme music with us. We’ll have a new home next month and will actually try to sort out the iTunes and podcasting options then too. Promise!