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Five things we learned this week – June 6th 2014

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1) Oliver Stone loves the controversy - opts to tackle Edward Snowden story 2) Meryl Streep and Jeff Bridges' The Giver gets a Trailer 3) More Ripley afoot? 4) Latest The Green Inferno trailer lands 5) Beauty and the Beast live action film announced Read more
Nigel has the lowdown on the 2014 Jameson Dublin Film Festival, the Oscars' love affairs with Meryl Streep and Spike Jonze, Lenny Abrahamson's Frank has a clip and Sundance 2014 kicks off in Utah. Read more
Not sure how exactly they're out of character... How do we know that Rooney Mara wasn't being a cranky know-it-all bitch to everyone just like Lisbeth? Read more