Sun. Aug 7th, 2022

At another moment during a questioning by Luciano Bonilhas defense attorney Gustavo Nagelstein to Gurizada Fandangueiras sound technician Venâncio Anschau the judge once again cited musical references.

He Luciano wasnt whenever I hear this even to unwind he wasnt like Lemmy Kilmister who was a roadie for Jimi Hendrix and later became the big star of Motorhead he said On his social media profile Orlando shares snippets of videos in which he appears playing the guitar and singing classic rock songs In one of the statements he even shares his musical preferences with one of the survivors.

On saying that he wouldnt go to Kiss on the night of the fire because he didnt like the musical style Faccini Neto asked him And whats your preference and the survivor repliedIm rock The magistrate added Me too

On social networks he who has a degree in law has a masters degree in public law and a doctorate in legalcriminal sciences shares literary preferences series and leisure time with his wife Among the last series that he liked the most he recommends.

Maid which deals with the story of a young mother who manages to get out of an abusive relationship Great series he says The last publication by the São Paulo magistrate brings the message I do my best just to live in peace The words probably refer to the jury presidency

From the dozens of cameras that framed him on Friday 10 Orlando noted that the magnitude of the case required reflection It is a case of national expression for us to reflect on the Jury Court There are diagnoses made about the delay in judgments resulting from structural causes and that demand legislative changes he said.

Away from his desk and microphones he mused that the jury was a good job He added We managed to conclude the trial which was the expectation I had and I hope that it will not be postponed that a new mobilization will not be necessary I am a judge and a judge has to learn to respect court decisions

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