Wed. May 25th, 2022

The final version of the report by the Parliamentary Inquiry Commission CPI of Covid19 in the Senate has ten new indictment suggestions However two other names were presented at the session this Tuesday 26 those of the governor of Amazonas Wilson Lima PSC and Marcellus Campêlo former.

Secretary of Health of the state The agreement for the inclusion of the two was made between the president of the CPI Omar Aziz PSDAM and senators Otto Alencar PSDBA and Eduardo Braga MDBAM

Braga even presented a separate vote in which he asked for the indictment of the former secretary and the governor rejecting the rapporteurs vote With the inclusion he must vote for the opinion Having Senator Renan fully.

Accepted the addendum presented by us including the indictment of the governor and state secretary I can withdraw my vote separately If Your Excellency accepts I withdraw the vote separately he said.

Reporter Renan Calheiros confirmed that he accepted both names reaching 12 suggestions for indictment The total number now reaches 80 being 78 people and two companies

The document to be voted on this morning is 1288 pages long The other version delivered and read by rapporteur Renan Calheiros MDBAL last week had 1180 The change took place after discussions by the majority group of the commission nicknamed the G7 which met this Monday night 25

There was a lot of discussion about Wilson Limas inclusion among the indictment requests but he ended up being left out of the document Senator Alessandro Vieira CidadaniaSE stated that the groups understanding is that as it was not possible to hear the governors the decision was reached not to indict them although the commission has investigated in depth the oxygen crisis in Manaus

Senators are still debating whether to vote on the inclusion of Limas name during Tuesdays session

Check who entered the list of indictment suggestions

Antônio Jordão de Oliveira Neto biologist appointed as a member of the parallel cabinet Suspicion epidemic crime resulting in death

Hélcio Bruno de Almeida president of Instituto Força Brasil IFB Suspicions dissemination of disinformation and incitement to crime

Heitor Freire de Abre former Deputy Chief of Coordination and Monitoring of the Civil House and former coordinator of the Covid19 Crisis Committee Operations Coordination Center Suspicion epidemic crime resulting in death

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