Sun. Aug 7th, 2022

The federal government will begin payments for gas assistance on Monday 27 According to the Executive 108368 families that are served by Auxílio Brasil will receive the first installment of the benefit which was created with the aim of mitigating the effect of the price of cooking gas on the budget of lowincome families.

Each family will receive R52 which corresponds to 50 of the average price of a 13kg cylinder However the price of the benefit can be updated by the ANP National Petroleum Agency which will publish on its website up to the tenth working day of the month the average value of the previous six months referring to the national price of the cylinder on its website

This month the Executive opted to assist people residing in 100 municipalities that declared a state of calamity due to the rains in Bahia and Minas Gerais Starting in January the government must make gas assistance available to all 558 million families eligible to receive the benefit Those who are not covered in December will receive financial assistance retroactively from January 18th.

Partnership enables gas distribution to 300000 needy families
Inflation preview rises 078 in December and jumps 1042 in 2021.

Inflation preview rises 078 in December and jumps 1042 in 2021
To pay the benefit the government will take into account the regular payment schedule of Auxílio Brasil Each family will receive help according to the NIS Social Identification Number assigned by Caixa Econômica Federal to identify people registered in government social programs

The gas allowance will be paid every two months for five years to people enrolled in the CadÚnico Single Registry for social programs of the Executive with monthly per capita family income less than or equal to half the minimum wage or who have among their members person receiving the BPC Continued Cash Benefit

According to the government for the purpose of implementing the Gas Aid exceptionally in the first 90 days they will have priority in the payment of the benefit in this order Beneficiaries of Aid Brazil with lower per capita income and with a greater number of family members.

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