Sun. Aug 7th, 2022

At least 18 people died after the heavy rain that hit southern Bahia More than 430000 people were affected in the state Two dams broke and 72 cities declared a state of emergency In all 16 thousand residents are homeless.

A destroyed city In Itabuna in southern Bahia rain covered the bridge over the Marabá River which is located in the center of the city The flood began last Friday night and displaced hundreds of families

Images show the level of the Cachoeira river rising and city hall teams trying to remove the baronesses plants that grow in polluted environments They got stuck in the bridge pillars

According to the Civil Defense only on Saturday it rained 135 millimeters To get an idea of the amount of water the average for the entire month is 180 A Christmas that many families will never forget

On Sunday the rain did not stop and the river level rose another half meter The result underwater houses and completely flooded streets.

Nine locations in the city are being used to house the population At several points families were rescued by volunteers who used boats.

Itabuna is experiencing the worst flooding since 1967 In the region where most neighborhoods were affected more than 600 families are homeless Mayor Augusto Castro decreed an emergency situation.

The heavy rain affected other cities such as A task force was created by the Fire Department Civil Defense and City Hall to help families affected by the rain Governor Rui Costa, Determined the installation of a support network in to serve municipalities affected by the rain.

In residents are also experiencing a dramatic situation A dam located in the district of Iguá in Vitória da Conquista about 58 km from the city broke on Saturday night.

More than 580 families were affected The damage is incalculable The water invaded streets and houses and residents were forced to leave quickly and go to a safe place leaving all belongings behind About 60 houses collapsed The affected families are being taken in by schools in the municipality

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