Sun. Aug 7th, 2022

The Continuous Cash Benefit BPCLoas or assistance benefit of the Organic Law of Social Assistance pays a minimum wage as a form of support to people who do not receive any other INSS benefit and who do not have the means to support themselves or to be supported by their families

To be eligible for Loas you must be 65 years of age or older or have a disability that makes you unable to live independently and work This incapacity is evaluated by the social service and by the INSS medical expertise

It is still necessary to prove that it is really quite poor Family income must be ΒΌ of the minimum wage per capita with the current minimum wage of R1212 family income per capita increases to R303 In other words a family of four must survive on a minimum wage in order to receive the benefit

The minimum value of benefits paid by the INSS such as retirement and pensions will be R 1212 About 70 of the benefits paid by the INSS correspond to a minimum wage

The readjustment of benefits above the minimum wage including the readjustment of the ceiling value must be disclosed after the IBGE discloses the accumulated INPC National Consumer Price Index for 2021

Contributions to the INSS will also be calculated on the new minimum wage Contributions start at 5 of the minimum wage

The minimum portion of unemployment insurance goes from R1100 to R1212 The employee who was sent away without just cause is entitled to the benefit Anyone who agrees to be dismissed will not be entitled to the benefit

Installments with release from 01112022 will be calculated by the new table not yet available and will have the minimum wage of 2022 as a basis Law No 79981990 art 5 paragraph.

Sources Caixa Economy Federal IBGE INSS Special Federal Court and Special Civil Court and Ministry of Labor and Social Security

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