Wed. May 25th, 2022

In an interview with Lieutenant Pedro Aihara of the Fire Department said that rocky parts tipping over like the one that occurred in Capitólio are rare

The canyon is an area formed by sedimentary rocks that are much more susceptible to this action of water and winds There was already a preexisting natural fault in this place and probably due to the heavy rains that occur in the region there was a saturation of the soil with water and a loss of resistance land that does not offer this type of risk.

The Fire Department said that it is up to the Navy which controls the area to inform about the authorizations for the tourist tour In a second note released late in the evening the Navy confirmed that securityrelated aspects will also be investigated

The investigation opened to investigate the circumstances of the accidentfact that occurred will analyze aspects of navigation safety the license of the drivers involved the waterway system The City Hall of Capitólio has regulated through Decree no 2019 the waterway space planning under its jurisdiction In this sense the Navy communicates that the entire area of interest is prohibited for the necessary verifications says the note

About 40 firefighters participated in the first day of searching for the missing Divers work was suspended overnight due to visibility and safety conditions but resumed early in the morning The vessels continued their nightly search for the missing

Aihara also added that it is possible that some victims are hidden by the rock that came off which could make the teams work difficult

Unfortunately the number of deaths will likely increase As there was a very large impact of a heavy rock at considerable speed we have already located some body fragments but it is only possible to count the total number of victims after the forensic work is concluded he said

In a statement the Navy said it had deployed search and rescue teams to the site According to the Armed Forces agency teams were providing the necessary support to the crews involved in the accident transporting the injured to the Santa Casa de Capitólio and helping other agencies acting on the spot

Tourists warned of rock fall
In a video released by witnesses it is possible to see other tourists warning people who were closer to the canyon about the rock that was starting to come off

That piece is going to fall off said a woman Get out of there warned a man Then the rock comes off and it is possible to hear the screams of those who watched the fall.

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