Sun. Aug 7th, 2022

Harlan Coben is an international bestseller who in addition to writing super well is still very good people It was only a matter of time before his books were sold and adapted for audiovisual purposes With a suspenseful stylethat involves many characters a dark past and a culprit for things to go wrong its plots completely involving have been turned into a series since 2015 And if you liked Stay With Me here are the other productions created by him or inspired by the writings of this author who loves Brazil whose books are all published here in the country.

The first season of the series Stay With Me premiered literally on the last day of 2021 with a commitment to be the entertainment for Netflix subscribers who spent New Years Eve at home or connected on the platform If you havent seen it yet go watch it because the eight episodes have a very tight story In the plot Megan a woman about to be married has the ghosts of her past as a nightclub dancer reappearing in her new life and she will have to make difficult choices to defend her family.

This production is a miniseries that is only one season and although Harlan Coben writes in English because he is American this is a French adaptation spoken in the language of the country of the croissant The five fiftyminute episodes tell the story of Guillaume who in the past took part in a traumatic event in which the woman he had loved hopelessly ended up being murdered Ten years later already working as a social worker a new episode causes his current girlfriend to disappear and this forces the young man to move mountains to discover the truth even if it means facing his dark past.

The first season of this Polish series premiered in 2020 It tells the story of a prosecutor whose sister had disappeared 25 years earlier but one day the police ask him to help identify a found body and Pawel begins to suspect that his sister may still be alive even after all this time The first season has only six episodes

Launched in 2018 and also spoken in English it tells the story of a surgeon now a widower whose eldest daughter guess what had disappeared in the past However this man is currently discovering signs that people close to him may have been hiding that they know much more than they have already said The eightepisode first season has that very engaging police investigation atmosphere.

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