Sun. Aug 7th, 2022

A tropical tree discovered in Cameroon’s Ebo Forest has been named after actor Leonardo DiCaprio, who is committed to preserving the site, scientists at the British Botanical Garden in Kew announced on Thursday. The tree is 4 meters tall and has a trunk of large yellow-green flowers.

The researchers at Kew, a massive facility located west of London, and their collaborators from around the world have officially named more than 200 new species of plants and fungi.

Among these species, which range from a deadly tobacco plant to an orchid that grows in total absence of light is the web.

In 2020, Leonardo DiCaprio joined the organisation wild to prevent the cutting of more than 68,000 hectares of the Ebo forest for timber production.

The government of Cameroon overturned this decision in August 2020, to the satisfaction of environmentalists who signaled the presence of endangered primates in the virgin forest.

“It makes perfect sense [to vaccinate children with comorbidity first]. In a situation of limited availability of doses, which is what will happen, we have to do the same thing with children as we did with adults. risk groups and then vaccination by age group”, he said.

The pediatrician pointed out that the data show that having some comorbidity adds risk in terms of hospitalization and death. According to him, the risk factors in children are not exactly the same as in adults, but, in general, they are repeated.

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